Fairmont State University– Ruth Ann Musick Library
  • Fairmont, West Virginia
  • 25,000 SQ. FT.
  • Architectural and Design Services
  • Project Cost: $15,000,000
  • Completed 2010

Since 1973, Fairmont State University’s enrollment has increased by 48 percent and the curriculum and programs have expanded significantly. The Library was previously housed in a 52,000 square foot facility that was renovated and expanded in 1973.  However, the expansion fell far short of meeting the College’s needs.   With the advent of the Community and Technical component in 1974, program offerings have increased fivefold to approximately 40 distinct, identifiable programs. Besides being woefully in need of “book” space, the library’s greatest need was additional people space that enabled students to utilize the technology that is  available.  Additionally, the facility needed to be more acclimated to user needs by establishing a milieu that encouraged usage.

To that end, the entrance was relocated from the second floor to the first floor. The Library was expanded by approximately 5000 square feet to accommodate an Internet café/lounge area, service units such as an internet help desk, and a printing/photocopy service center.  Various multi-media classroom areas were also upgraded.

The addition to the Library also addressed campus-wide ADA accessibility compliance concerns. Although the campus elevation rises 300 feet from the entrance on Locust Avenue to the football field, creative planning by Omni Associates has made it possible for persons with disabilities to access the majority of the inner campus without encountering major obstacles. Students now have ground level access to all buildings that make up the academic core of the campus.


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