By: Katie NunanApril 29, 2022

The Marion County Board of Education (MCBOE) selected Omni Associates—Architects to expand and renovate East Dale Elementary


The elementary has consisted of two buildings until now. The goal in the beginning was to combine these two campuses and allow the students, along with faculty and staff, more unity. First through fourth grade attended class in the main school building while pre-k and kindergarten students were a few blocks down the road, at what was known as Meadowdale School.

East Dale’s campus has been buzzing with the sounds of machinery,

with the additions being constructed, since ground breaking took place in August of 2021. Many people of Marion County are also buzzing to see the project turning into something tangible. Mary Jo Thomas, president of the MCBOE, said, “Things are starting to move, and we’re all excited. It’s a real need, and we were so excited that there were only three SBA projects accepted last go-around and we were one of them.”

At the time of ground breaking, Marion County’s then Superintendent Randy Farley says, “I’m excited for the kids, we’re finally starting to see a little bit of movement. They’re actually making the project come to life and that’s exciting for the school, the kids and everyone involved.”

The enthusiasm for this project is overwhelming.

Melissa DeWitt, East Dale Principal, said their goal is about “building tomorrow’s leaders” and this new facility will surely help them get there. All the pieces are finally coming together on a long-awaited upgrade, and we can’t wait to share the final result.

Stay tuned.